Rumble Roller Review: Overhyped knobs or magic fingers?

It has hefty knobs and a hefty price tag, but does the Rumble Roller live up to the hype?

rumble roller review wil make you cry
With advertising images of grown men grimacing in pain, you might begin to wonder…did I just buy a workout aid or a torture device?

The Rumble Roller is one of the more popular foam rollers on the market, and with it’s monster truck tire-like appearance, it’s certainly one of the most unique.  Looks notwithstanding, this roller really works.  In this Rumble Roller review, we’ll break down the pros and cons of this roller, and see if it’s really worth the $70 price tag.

Understanding The Various Sizes And Densities of the Rumble Roller

Like many foam roller manufacturers nowadays, the Rumble Roller has been made available in multiple sizes and multiple densities.  This is perfect for those people who like to carry a smaller roller to work or the gym, while leaving a full-sized foam roller at home.

The Original Rumble Roller is a blue color and measures in at 31-inches original rumble roller full sizelong with a 6-inch diameter.  The core of the roller is solid EVA, meaning that the roller won’t become compressed over time, as some less expensive foam rollers are prone to do.  We would rate the density of the Original Rumble Roller as an intermediate density.  It’s harder than basic foam rollers, such as the inexpensive AmazonBasics 36-inch foam roller, but comes in a little bit softer than the GRID foam roller or the Extra Firm model, detailed below.

rumble roller half size original blueThe Rumble Roller Half Size Original Blue is the same density as it’s full-length counterpart, but in a smaller package: this roller is only 12-inches long with a 4-inch diameter.  (Note that this diameter measurement is at the base of the roller; the diameter will be slightly larger, once the bumps are accounted for)  This smaller size makes it more friendly as an “on-the-go” foam roller, for taking with you to the gym or to work.  Unfortunately, half the size of the original doesn’t mean half the cost…however, the half sized model is still less expensive if you’re trying to save a little money without sacrificing in roller quality.

rumble roller full size extra firm black
At $70, the Rumble Roller Extra Firm is perfect for foam rolling veterans and performance athletes with particularly hard-to-roll areas.

The Rumble Roller Full Size Extra Firm Black model, like its name implies, is the same size as the original model, but in a much stiffer density.  It’s a great option for those who need a foam roller with a little extra “bite”.  However, it’s probably not a great idea for someone who has never used a foam roller before.  This roller is really quite firm, so unless you already know how sensitive your fascia is – either from borrowing a friend’s roller, using one at the gym, or even getting a nice deep-tissue massage – we’d recommend sticking with a slightly softer roller for your first purchase.  On the other hand, if you’ve used other rollers before, and found the competition too soft, then this is the roller for you.

rumble roller half size extra firm blackThe Rumble Roller Half Size Extra Firm Black is the travel-friendly rumble roller with an extra firm density.  It is the same size as the other half size Rumble Roller, measuring 12″ long by 4″ in diameter.  It has all the pro’s of the full sized extra firm roller, in a slightly more compact form, and at a partially reduced price.


RumbleRoller Beastie Massage Ball
The Rumble Roller Beastie changed the game for massage balls. Leave your tennis ball hanging from the string in the garage; you’ll be using the Beastie from now on.

Rounding off the lineup, Rumble Roller has introduced another product that is a great twist on the massage ball concept: the Rumble Roller Original Beastie and the Rumble Roller X-Firm Beastie.  Massage balls are great for smaller areas where a foam roller might be too large to reach, such as between the shoulder blades.  In the past the most common solution has been to use a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or softball for these areas.  That’s until the Beastie came along.  The Beastie comes in a regular density (white) version, as well as an extra firm (yellow).  It also includes a stand, making it quite easy to place it on the floor and get in between your shoulder blades.  You can also use it against the wall, sitting in a chair, on the floor, etc.  It’s a very versatile tool.  The spikes on the Beastie act just like the knobs on the Rumble Rollers, penetrating deeper into the fascia to break up the knotted muscles.  There are a few other Beastie accessories, including one which basically turns the Beastie into a Theracane.  If the actual Rumble Roller foam rollers are too far out of the budget, I definitely recommend at least getting a Beastie.  These are my favorite part of the Rumble Roller lineup.  One word of caution: just like with the actual Rumble Rollers, if you’re new to foam rolling it’s probably a good idea to start with the clear-colored original density Beastie.

rumble roller beastie review


 What I Like About The Rumble Roller

I like the hard EVA at the core of these rollers.  The foam rollers in my home are used multiple times each day, so they really see some abuse.  Other, cheaper foam rollers, start to become deformed with this sort of abuse – especially in a gym or clinic setting.  The Rumble Roller won’t.  So while it is more expensive initially, you won’t need to re-purchase it every few months, which could mean a savings in the long run.

The Rumble Roller is capable of supporting very heavy individuals, again without deforming.  I know people who are 250, 300, and even 400 pounds that use this roller.  It doesn’t compress or deform over time.  That’s quality.

Rumble Rollers won’t absorb sweat, like some of the lesser quality models of foam rollers.

The Beastie models are all made in the USA, and are even made of recycled materials.

All of the foam rollers in the Rumble Roller line are latex free, and have been tested for both lead and phthalates.  I don’t personally have a latex allergy, but it’s nice to know just in case.

What I Don’t Like About The Rumble Roller

I wish the whole lineup was made in the USA, not just the Beastie.  My eco-friendly side shudders to think about the fact that these 2lb pieces of foam are shipped half way around the world before they finally reach me.

The price, obviously.  I absolutely love the Rumble Roller; it is truly a top of the line, high quality foam roller.  They’re certainly cheaper than visiting the chiropractor or a massage therapist.  And as I pointed out above, they don’t deform over time, so you won’t have to constantly replace them.  That said, $70 is still quite a steep price for a foam roller.  Is it worth it though?  Absolutely.

Final Verdict

I think Rumble Rollers are terrific products.  To address the question in the page’s title, I think that the Rumble Roller is not at all over-hyped, and that the knobs are, in fact, magical.  If I had to recommend just one model from the Rumble Roller line, it would be the Beastie.  It is the least expensive model, the most portable, and the most versatile.  You really can’t go wrong with that.

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