about foam roll netFoamRoll.net is a webpage dedicated to the art, and more importantly, the science of foam rolling.  We have gathered information used by physicians, athletes, and physical therapists around the world, compiling it into one central location.  We’ve also scoured medical studies about the effectiveness and benefits of foam rolling, providing the results of those studies for the general public.  In short, we’re absolutely convinced that using a foam roller will improve your life.  Now we’re going to not only prove it to you with medical evidence, but we’re going to show you how.  Our website has videos and step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to foam roll and proper foam roller techniques.  We also provide tips and tricks that you might not have known about foam rolling.

New To Foam Rolling?

It’s ok if you’ve never used a foam roller before, most of the exercises are fairly easy and intuitive.  If you need some convincing, check out Does Foam Rolling Work?  Afterwards, take a look at our compilation of the best foam rolling exercises to get you started on the fast track.  Alternatively, use the links below to check out some of the most popular foam rolling instructional guides:

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